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Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Mark Millar's dark, dystopian future for America and Wolverine. The former X-Man has finally gotten old, and lives his life as a pacifist in a world where the villains have finally won. This is the story that launched the 2015 comic series and inspired the upcoming Logan film.


"Nemeses! Dragons! Science! Symbolism!" And that's just the beginning in this Eisner Award nominee about a supervillain and his shapeshifting sidekick.

Paper Girls Vol. 1

Once upon a time, children could get jobs delivering newspapers and the worst things they had to fear were breaking windows or mean dogs. But time-traveling psychos riding giant pterosaurs? 

Giant Days Vol. 1

Three young women at a British university deal with the stress of academia, ex-boyfriends, disease, sexism, drugs, and drama. Outrageously funny, incredibly clever, and beautifully illustrated.