Ratings Scale

Geekundspiel follows a 5-point rating scale. Ratings are incredibly subjective, and a rating scale for one person could differ wildly for another. I do count anything from 3 or above as a positive review.

Score5 copy.png

5 - Great!

This is an understandably difficult score to reach. This needs to fulfill a lot of different quotas: it's enjoyable, it sets the bar for all others in its genre, it's a personal favorite, etc. 5's are not handed out very often, and something should not be considered awful just because it doesn't have a 5.


4 - Good!

This score is reserved for something I really enjoy and that I believe has a lot of merit. 4s are a high score and one of the most common, as I don't often like to review things that I don't think I'll enjoy. A 4.5 is a score that exceeds a 4, but might have one or two small things keeping it from reaching that high score.


3 - OK!

A score for things that I liked, but I probably wouldn't count as one of my favorite things. These have enough merit to still be positive, and should be seen as such. Sometimes I will really enjoy something, but the overall quality will take the score down. Sometimes I will recognize something as being inherently of good quality, but I will not personally enjoy it. 


2 - Poor

This is something of poor quality. It is not inherently bad, just not that good. It's something that misses the mark slightly, or comes close but is missing something to lift it into higher quality. That being said, there's definitely something there, but it's overshadowed by what is lacking.


1 - Bad

If something receives a 1, it's bad. It is unenjoyable, or nonsensical, possibly insulting, and overall not an experience worth sharing.


0 - Terrible

What were you thinking? Why is this a thing?