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Geekundspiel 11: House of the Rising Sun

In this episode, the team discuss a ton of games, including the newest hit, Rising Sun! Jeff reveals the dangers of slicing apples, Emily sneaks into Jacob's luggage, and Shawn has a dinosaur problem. All this and more here on Geekundspiel!

Geekundspiel Episode 8: Cardboard Voltron

In this episode, the team talks about what games they've played recently, discuss the Nintendo Labo, and suggest board games to introduce to non-gamers. Plus: Jacob gets haunted in Asheville, Emily has a little too much fun as a contracted killer, Shawn imagines a cardboard Voltron, and Jeff gets kicked off the podcast.

Half-Elf Privilege: Inaugural Episode!

Welcome to Half Elf Privilege, a podcast about Dungeons & Dragons, and the stories (good and bad) it creates. In our inaugural episode Lloyd, Andrew and Jeff talk about how they got started in role playing, as well as some tips for people looking to dip their toe into this wonderfully weird game.

Geekundspiel Episode 6: Virtual Reality, Real Injuries

In this episode, Jacob considers embezzlement, Emily cooks up a video game feast, Shawn lets the dog outside, and Jeff becomes a world-class murder hobo. October video game releases, the perils of VR, tabletop gaming tables, The Room, and a quick list of titles to get you into the Halloween spirit.