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Geekundspiel 11: House of the Rising Sun

In this episode, the team discuss a ton of games, including the newest hit, Rising Sun! Jeff reveals the dangers of slicing apples, Emily sneaks into Jacob's luggage, and Shawn has a dinosaur problem. All this and more here on Geekundspiel!

Geekundspiel Episode 8: Cardboard Voltron

In this episode, the team talks about what games they've played recently, discuss the Nintendo Labo, and suggest board games to introduce to non-gamers. Plus: Jacob gets haunted in Asheville, Emily has a little too much fun as a contracted killer, Shawn imagines a cardboard Voltron, and Jeff gets kicked off the podcast.

Geekundspiel Episode 6: Virtual Reality, Real Injuries

In this episode, Jacob considers embezzlement, Emily cooks up a video game feast, Shawn lets the dog outside, and Jeff becomes a world-class murder hobo. October video game releases, the perils of VR, tabletop gaming tables, The Room, and a quick list of titles to get you into the Halloween spirit.